Life and food

Life and food

May 23, 2019

How to eat properly

Have you ever tried to eat with your eyes closed and concentrate on the chewing and the taste in your mouth ?

This article shows a person's process according to his own story:……………...

It is important for me to share in a process that brings impressive results in passion and emotional eating.

I recently experienced a 5-day coconut fast during which I drank only 3 fresh coconuts a day.

This experience has changed my life when it comes to understanding that most of my eating and I believe most people in the Western world, is mainly emotional,

 most of us do not really know what hunger is.

During the fast I felt stronger than ever physically, I lost a kilo a day and practiced 3 hours each day meditating .

 I was less stressed and more bright.

I saw that the food did not run me any more,

there were desires of course, but I managed to neutralize them quickly.

I realized that the more I eat the more hungry I am, more tired and less sharp..


And now for the insights::

The digestive system consumes a lot of energy,

 the thought that if we eat more we will be stronger according to my personal experience is misleading.

Beyond that I discovered that the digestive system affects our consciousness.

Recently I have been experiencing all kinds of nutrition:  fruity, vegan and more.

And while I was exposed to "intermittent fasting," I start eating at 13.00 noon and finish at 20.00 and so on.

 The next day the feeling was amazing, the fatigue that would strike me every morning was gone.

Beyond that, the food became a real pleasure, i am thankful for the food that came into my mouth and eating slowly with closed eyes is often a great experience, especially in the first bites.

It works like meditation - try it.


So next time you eat, close your eyes and chew slowly,

even if you're at work, put the work and the smartphone aside and eat,

do not mess with anything else,

concentrate on chewing and taste the texture of your food and his energy.

The slower you eat. The food is better digested

 Beyond the fact that the digestive process starts in the mouth,

but more than that, I experience a feeling of calmness, fullness and pleasantness.

You will find the pleasures in life mainly in the experiences and very little in food.

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