Vegetation Purifies air

Vegetation Purifies air

August 16, 2018

Vegetation Purifies air - live, work and breathe in a clean environment

The living and working environment in the modern world is full of air pollution we breathe.

The reasons for air pollution are: emissions of car smoke, smoke emissions from power plants, industrial plants and more. Plastic materials emit toxic gases of various types, mainly phenol. The toxic gas emissions come from adhesives, wallpaper, printers, toners, glued carpets, waterproofing materials and more.

Published studies show that with the increase in air pollution there is an increase in respiratory morbidity. Air pollution affects our lives very much and is not properly handled by the state or the planning authorities.

The living and working environment in the modern world is full of the air pollution we breathe.

So - what are the toxins to be treated?

Nitrous oxide

A group, whose NOX signal mainly includes nitrogen dioxide, is one of the main pollutants that produce smog. Reactions of this group with sun rays and other organic substances cause an increase in the rate of respiratory diseases, causing headaches and irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes.

Carbon dioxide CO

A colorless, odorless gas that is responsible for more toxins than any other air pollutant. Accumulated in closed spaces in offices and non-ventilated places.

300 types of volatile substances were discovered, such as gases that fill the spaces of the isolated buildings, including highly toxic gases at high levels..

There was also a direct correlation between the output of workers in offices and closed spaces, and a decline in concentration and increase in headaches, and symptoms of difficulty breathing, cough, phlegm and more.

In studies for the neutralization of gases and air purification, it was found that home plants are the most effective means of doing so.

We all know the wonderful process, unique to the plants "assimilation" - photosynthesis.

This is an initial process that allows the existence of life on earth. During the assimilation process, the plant absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen gas.

But that's not all ....

Studies show that some home plants absorb various toxic gases into their tissues, thus neutralizing the dangers of inhalation by humans, and the process of decomposition of toxins is achieved by moving the gas from the leaves to the roots and dissolving the gases by microorganisms.

It was found that the efficiency of air purification of the plants is amazing. A single house plant can purify 10 cubic meters of air.

In addition to aesthetic ornamental value, plants are a means of cleansing the living environment of modern man.

At minimal cost, we can greatly improve our environment and those around us, family and staff.

Which are distinguished as air purifiers, among the house plants are familiar species such as:

Ivy woodland,


Kalin was deprived (fern)

Peace lily,



Scindapsus aureus


Weeping fig

and more

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