Organic Asphodel Seeds


The Asphodel is a beautiful plant that belongs to the Liliacea family. The ancient Greeks associated the Asphodel with the dead, they were supposed to grow in the mythological Elysian Fields, the final resting place of the blessed.

Asphodel is the perfect complement to your Organic Vegetable Garden, an exquisite plant that you can grow easily from our certified organic seeds.

The Asphodel plant grows easily from flower seeds. It is a hardy herbaceous perennial, with narrow leaves, an elongated stem and beautiful white, pink, or yellow flowers. The plant grows to about 45 to 60 cm (1 1/2 to 2 feet) high.

Roots must be gathered at the end of the first year.

Medicinal Uses
Besides being cultivated for its beautiful flowers, the Asphodel plant has other benefits, including medicinal uses. The roots of this plant were used as a diuretic and were said to effectively treat menstrual symptoms.