Our Story

As developers of superior quality seeds from which organic vegetables,
herbs, flowers and sprouts all grow, Natural Green Seeds is a leader
in the field of organic home gardening, taking industry standards
to a completely new level.
For the ultimate educational experience for your family, the company's
range of organic seed kits are the perfect combination of fun-filled
learning and experiential gardening.
Natural Green Seeds provide you and your family with the joys
of home gardening while at the same time encouraging a healthy diet
of home-grown vegetables, herbs and sprouts.
Natural Green Seeds is a winning combination of innovative growing systems
and superior-quality organic seeds, bringing home gardening
a step closer to the future

Seeds of Adventures 
Where kids are part of nature.
In recent years, awareness of a green way of living has been rising tremendously. From organic food, to grow your vegetables and fruits, families all over the world had risen to the mission. This is our nature; this is our life, and we need to live together in harmony. 
Natural Green Seeds created a line of products that makes the kids in the front of the green revolution.
The box sets named Seeds of Adventures, contain a variety of seeds, games, activities and some fun facts about nature. With the help of three lovely characters, Pip, Lilly, and Oliver, the kids get to grow their fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. While doing this, they get to use their creativity, knowledge and spend some quality time playing with nature. 
It's green living at its best